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Communicating EXCELLENCE

Conference Interpreting: Symposiums, Workshops, Congresses, Courses, Seminars...:

  • Simultaneous ("simultaneous translation" in the booth or through a closed circuit TV).
  • Bidule System (mobile system for simultaneous translation. It replaces the booth for a maximum of 40 participants).
  • Consecutive (note-taking).
  • Liaison (to accompany clients at fairs, guided visits, meetings…).
  • Chuchotage (for a maximum of 4 participants).
  • Sign Language.

  • Over the Phone Interpreting (OPI).

  • Remote Simultaneous Interpreting (RSI) (Certificación en varias plataformas). 
  • Videoconferences (Skype).

Written translation in different fields: medical sciences, technical, cultural, journalism, scientific, etc.

Tape Transcription.

Writing and Correction / Edition of Multilingual Texts.

Audiovisual Translation, Dubbing and Voice Over.


Technical Equipment to support conference interpreting (audio, microphones, booths, Bidule System, translation headsets, closed TV circuit, recording of translation and original versions). Also Remote Simultaneous Interpreting Platforms. 

Holistic Counselling and Organization (human teams and technical equipment).

Language services to individuals and companies: language lessons based on communication methodology. Improvement of oral and communication skills.

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