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 Communication in times of a pandemic: Remote Simultaneous Interpreting

Experts in Linguistic Communication

Experts in Linguistic Communication

Experienced medical interpreters and translators

Experienced medical interpreters and translators

When words matter as much as ideas...

Professional interpreters and translators to suit your needs

In this world where more and more borders are being opened, languages should not be a barrier...

Seamless Communication for your Press Conferences

The best professionals in interpreting and translation for the most unique events.

Professional interpreters and translators: any time, anywhere!

Calidad de equipos de traducción y audio para sus eventos, congresos, seminarios.

High quality PA systems and equipment for your events

We speak the language you need!

Tradeuro, Translation and Conference Interpreting, adapts to your needs, offering professional and quality services, as well as an ethical conduct



Interpreters and translators with team spirit and broad experience.



A high quality service based on detailed and thorough preparation of each project.



Broad experience in conference interpreting and translation.



Our collaborators sign a confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement.




Everything went very smoothly!

"Thank you very much for your work. Everything went very smoothly. We have received very good feedback on your translation work."

Seminar on Just Transition. Spanish Ministry for Green Transition and Demographic Challenge. October 23. Ponferrada 

Great to have you with us!

" I've only heard good things about the translation!! Here are a couple of quotes: An excellent translation team both English to Spanish and vice versa, on a very specific topic - worldwide research on mango cultivation. This involves the use of very specific words and expressions, and the feedback from the participants has been extremely positive"

XIII International Symposium on Mango-October 23-Málaga

Incredibly grateful for your help and work

"Thank you for your patience, I know it hasn't been smooth sailing, but these events sometimes get out of hand. But I am incredibly grateful for your help and your work.

You're an incredible person".

Secretariat-International Symposium on Fetal Medicine. September 2023.

Fast, efficient and high quality job

" the website's online. I just wanted to thank you for the magnificent work you've done for us - fast, efficient and high quality. I'm thankful beyond words".

Mighty South. Travel Agency

Great María, as usual!

" Interpretation was great, María, as usual! There were many participants who sent a message to the Organizing Committee to comment on your great performance!"

XI International Congress on Executive Coaching. Talk by J. Baradacco

Nov 2022




MARPE technique

Remote Simultaneous Interpreting Eng-Spa-Eng on the talk given by SAS, alignment services, on MARPE Technique: a non surgical treatment for expanding the upper jaw, known as the maxilla.

13th of April 2024


Board Meeting

Admon Board Meeting. Consecutive interpreting Eng-Spa-Eng. Industrial sector. Company devoted to the processing and roasting of material for catalysts.

Feb 2024


Respiratory Conditions

Simultaneous interpreting Eng-Spa-Eng at the IX National Meeting GTIPO in Bilbao. Some of the topics to be addressed are the  macrohemodynamic rescucitation-fluids and vasoconstrictors- and extracorporeal depuration therapies. National and international experts will join debates after the formal talks.

January 24


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