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Award giving ceremony of the winning projects of EUROPAN 17 SPAIN. Event organized by the Regional Ministry of Industry and Urban Planning of the Principality of Asturias. Simultaneous interpreting Eng-Spa-Eng.

June 24

Soto del Barco, Asturias

Employment and Disability

International Congress: Future of Employment of Persons with Intellectual Disability organized by AEDIS in Santander. A beautiful venue: Palacio de la Magdalena. Simultaneous interpreting Eng-Spa-Eng.

May 2024


MARPE technique

Remote Simultaneous Interpreting Eng-Spa-Eng on the talk given by SAS, alignment services, on MARPE Technique: a non surgical treatment for expanding the upper jaw, known as the maxilla.

13th of April 2024


Board Meeting

Admon Board Meeting. Consecutive interpreting Eng-Spa-Eng. Industrial sector. Company devoted to the processing and roasting of material for catalysts.

Feb 2024


Respiratory Conditions

Simultaneous interpreting Eng-Spa-Eng at the IX National Meeting GTIPO in Bilbao. Some of the topics to be addressed are the  macrohemodynamic rescucitation-fluids and vasoconstrictors- and extracorporeal depuration therapies. National and international experts will join debates after the formal talks.

January 24


Fire Safety

Simultaneous interpreting Eng-Spa-Eng with Bidule System at the EMEA meeting organized by Perimeter Solutions, global leading company in the manufacture of retardants and other fire safety solutions.

November 2023


Taskovski Films

Master Class with the founder and director of Taskovski Films, a leading distributing company. This Class is intended for students and future film directors to address several aspects such as distribution, marketing, sales, etc. Simultaneous interpreting Eng-Spa-Eng.

November 2023


International Film Festival-Gijón

Simultaneous interpreting Eng-Spa-Eng during the presentation of film projects looking for funding and mentors. This is an event framed in the festival section "Semilleru". Film directors will share their projects and answer to questions from the audience.

November 23


Advanced Fetal Ultrasound

Extempore organizes a 2 day course on Advanced Fetal Ultrasound with the participation of 2 international experts: Dr. Chaoui and Dr. Benoit. Simultaneous interpreting Eng-Spa-Eng.

November, Málaga

International Congress "Edad y Vida"

Edad y Vida Foundation organizes this event in Barcelona. Foreign and national speakers will share their best practices and address current policies to tackle ageing and social and health care. Simultaneous interpreting Eng/Cat/Spa.

November 2023


Just Transition

The Institute for Just Transition organizes a meeting in Ponferrada under the umbrella of the Spanish Presidency. Simultaneous interpreting Spa-Eng-Spa.

October 23


Congreso Mundial FIGO

The International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics organizes its XXIV World Congress in Paris with the possibility of following the event online. Remote Simultaneous Interpreting Eng-Spa-Eng.

October 23



ThermoFisher organizes a Live Webinar on preeclampsia screening in the first and third T. to identify early and late onset. Simultaneous interpreting of the talk by Prof. Da Silva Costa and Q&A session.


October 23


Simultaneous interpreting Eng-Spa-Eng at "XIII International Mango Symposium". Speakers from all over the world will share the latest advances on mango breeding programmes as well as info on export-import trends. Event organized by the CSIC, the Univeristy of Malaga and the IHSM.

October 23, Málaga

Industrial Heritage

25th Seminar on Industrial Heritage to share best practices and study cases from Portugal, Spain, UK, Japan etc. Simultaneous interpreting Eng-Spa-Eng at Laboral, Gijón. The talks can also be followed online via YouTube.

September 23

Hybrid event

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