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Year 2020

Simultaneous interpreting at “ 13 Symposium on Pediatrics” organized by Grupo Uncibay (23th of January 2020, Málaga)


Simultaneous interpreting at “I International Course on Prenatal Genetics” organized by iMaterna Foundation (24th and 25th of January 2020, Madrid)


Simultaneous and consecutive interpreting at “International seminar in the framework of FETEN 2020: European Fair of Performance Artes for Children” organized by the City Council of Gijón (6th and 7th of January, Gijón)

Simultaneous interpreting at “V International SENMO Congress (Spanish Society of Nutrition and Orthomolecular Medicine" organized by SENMO (6th of March 2020, Madrid).

Simultaneous interpreting at “30 ONCE Physiotherapy Seminar: Myofascial Syndrome and Myofascial Trigger Points" organized by the School of Physiotherapy ONCE (6th and 7th of March 2020, Madrid). 

Remote Simultaneous Interpreting at “Updates on Allergic Rhinitis” organized by Cuquerella Comunicación (8th of May 2020, Zoom platform)

Remote Simultaneous Interpreting at the meeting of the “Executive Committee of the Caribbean Football Union-CFU” organized by the CFU (14th of May 2020, Kudo platform)

Remote Simultaneous Interpreting at “Webinar of the Fetal Medicine Foundation” organized by the FMF, London (24th of May 2020, via Kudo)

Remote Simultaneous Interpreting at “Conference of Presidents of the Committee of the Regions" organized by the CoR (26th-28th of May 2020, via Interactio)

Remote Simultaneous Interpreting (RSI via Interactio Platform) at the Meeting of ENVE Commission of the Committee of the Regions. ENVE is the Commission for the Environment, Climate Change and Energy (8th of June 2020, RSI-Interactio).

Remote Simultaneous Interpreting Eng-Spa-Eng at  “2020 Meeting of the MicroInsurance Network: postCOVID-19 situation” organized by the Board of the MicroInsurance Network (17th of June 2020, RSI-Interprefy).

Remote Simultaneous Interpreting at “Talk by Dr. Pimentel on IBS and the Microbioma" organized by the Pharmaceutical ABBOTT (18th of June 2020, RSI-private platform). 

Remote Simultaneous Interpreting via Zoom at "Experts Summit on ORL and Respiratory Care". Eng-Spa-Eng. Summit organized by Abbot and Cuquerella Communications (June 2020, RSI-Zoom). 

Simultaneous interpreting Eng-Spa-Eng at “European Employee Committee - Dachsen Intelligent Logistics” organized by DACHSEN IL (23rd of June 2020, Madrid)


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