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Year 2019

3rd International Congress on Cough in the clinical practice. Organized by Mederic Ediciones. January 2019, Barcelona

Simultaneous interpreting at “International Seminar PRAISE: prevention of road occupational risks” organized by the Asturian Institute of ORP, Mapfre Foundation and EU-OSHA (13th of February 2019, Oviedo)

Simultaneous interpreting at "Working Meeting Mitre Corp, University of Oviedo, SIBI and the Government of the Principality of Asturias. Topic: exploring new collaboration opportunities to improve health and wellbeing" (February 2019, Oviedo).

Simultaneous Interpreting at “CONECTA: II Conference smARTplaces on Audience and Mediation” organized by Fundación Zaragoza Conocimiento, Etopia y cofunded by the EU (14th & 15th of March 2019, Zaragoza)

Simultaneous interpreting in "International Course on Fetal Ecocardiography" organized by IMaterna (26th-27th of April 2019, Granada)

Simultaneous interpreting at “European Workshop Life16 Good Local Adapt” organized by the partners of the project (8th-10th of May 2019, Bilbao)

Simultaneous Interpreting at “Lean Transformation: the Toyota experience in Sweden” organized by Club Asturiano de Calidad and Oviedo Emprende (15th of May 2019, Oviedo).

Simultaneous interpreting at “Migration and refugees in a global world: the Mediterranean case" by Mr. Hanafi and organized by the Chair of Cooperation towards Development, University of Zaragoza (24th of May 2019, Zaragoza).

Simultaneous interpreting at “Workshop on Meaning Focused Psychotherapy" by Dr. Breitbart, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and organized by the Spanish Assciation of Fight against Cancer (30th-31st May 2019, Zaragoza)


Simultaneous interpreting at "LXXXIV National Congress on Urology" organized by the Spanish Association of Urology and the Foundation for Research on Urology. 12th-14th of June 2019, Bilbao. 

Consecutive interpreting to present Barcelona's candidature to host EuroPride 2022 (20th of September 2019, Bilbao).

Simultaneous interpreting at the "National Congress of PM-International" (21st of September 2019, Madrid).

Simultaneous interpreting at“XXI International Seminar on Industrial Heritage: geographies, geometries and jobs” organized by Incuna (25th-27th of september 2019, Gijón)


Eng-Spa-Eng simultaneous interpreting at  “The role of balloon catheters in preinduction of cervical dilation” organized by Cook Medical (4th of October 2019, Madrid)

Simultaneous interpreting at the meeting of CITIZEU partners. CITIZEU is a European programme focused on the impact of Euroscepticism in the construction of Europe. The programme is led by the City Council of Gijón. ( 25th of October 2019).

Simultaneous interpreting Cat/Eng-Spa and viceversa at "VII International Congress on Dependency and Quality of life. Integration: from models to results" organized by the Foundation Edad & Vida (29th-30th of October 2019, Barcelona). 

Simultaneous interpreting at “3rd International Conference on the Role of Social & Solidarity Enterprises in the Circular Economy” organized by RREUSE & AERESS with the support of the European Commission and the ESF (7th-8th of November 2019, Pamplona).

Simultaneous interpreting with Bidule System at the workshop on Coaching for Leaders organized by the European Centre of Executive Coaching and Meliá Group. November 2019, Palma de Mallorca. 

Simultaneous interpreting at press conferences and round tables in the framework of the exhibition "Deus ExMachina" organized by Laboral. This exhibition focuses on the relationship between art and artificial intelligence. November 2019, Gijón. 

Simultaneous interpreting at “IV Conference CORE LNGas hive: decarbonisation and maritim sustainability" organized by the Port Authority of Gijón.  (27th of November, Gijón)


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