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Year 2001

- Consecutive interpretation at “Preservation of Continental Species and their Habitats”, summer courses organized by the University of Cantabria in Laredo ( 3-7 September 2001, Laredo)
- Simultaneous interpretation at “New Challenges for the provision of social services in the society of the XXI century” organized by the Regional Ministry of Social Affairs of the Principality of Asturias (5- 6 September 2001, Oviedo)
- Simultaneous interpretation at”Official Opening of the factory MILIKEN in Asturias” (4th of October 2001, Asturias)
- Simultaneous interpretation at “Meeting on Territorial Planning“ organized by the CGT (French Trade Union) (5-6 of October 2001. Biarritz, France)
- Consecutive interpretation at “ Automotion Fair” for Blackhawk S.L (19-21 of October Paris, France)
- Simultaneous interpretation at “Working Meeting of the Committee of the Regions: Information Society and the Regions” organized by the CoR and the Principality of Asturias (23-24 of October 2001, Oviedo)
- Simultaneous/ consecutive  interpretation at “ Prince of Asturias Awards 2001” organized by the Foundation Prince of Asturias Awards (24- 26 of October, Oviedo)
- Simultaneous interpretation at “VII European Symposium on Social Work” organized by the Public University of  Pamplona (28-30 of October 2001, Pamplona)
- Consecutive interpretation at “Meeting with experts on Health Matters  from Sweden” organized by the Mental Health Centre of the Principality of Asturias (8-9 of November 2001, Oviedo)
- Simultaneous interpretation at “2nd European Congress on Linguistic Planning” organized by the Principality of Andorra (14th ,15th and  16th of November 2001, Andorra)
- Simultaneous interpretation at ”II International Seminar on E-Commerce” (21-23 of November 2001, Oviedo)

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